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“It is only you, who undoubtedly possesses the power to focus upon the Silver Lining behind every cloud that may shadow your life ever”!
Preeti Monga
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Preeti Monga's
Achievements and Awards
National Award for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, 2013 under the category - Best Employees/Self Employed with Disabilities from the President of India.
Appointed as Secretary of the Central Executive Council of All India Confederation of Blind Delhi.
Selected as 'Fellow of Ashoka' Innovators for the public, a US based non-profit organisation that seeks and supports innovative 'Public Service Entrepreneurs'.
Was Associated with the National Federation of Blind (NFB) as Executive Member of the Governing Council, as well as the Convenor of the Woman's Committee NFB.
Was Associated with the National Association For The Blind, R.K. Puram, as Joint Secretary of the Governing Council now serving as Executive member of Governing Council and also was the Executive Member of the Sub-Committee on Women of NAB Delhi.
Was Secretary on the NGO Forum on Advancement of the Blind Woman (National Level).
Was Regional Secretary on the National Forum of Women of All India Confederation of Blind (AICB).
Freelance Consultant to the voluntary organisation like, FOD, NCPEDP, AICB, and Spastic Society of India and Blind Relief Association.
Awarded for outstanding service in the field of disability to have successfully rehabilitated others, and self. The Award was given by an NGO 'SAPNA' through Ms. Sonia Gandhi in the memory of Shri Rajiv Gandhi.
Vocational Service Award (1996)
Awarded by ROTARY CLUB DELHI for outstanding service in opening new vocations in which visually impaired persons can earn a living i.e. Teaching Aerobics, Sales & Marketing, Public relations.
Neelam K. Kanga Award (1996)
Awarded by The National Association For The Blind, Bombay for outstanding achievements in self-rehabilitation, overall growth & progress in spite of vision impairment as well as service in the field of Disability.
Inner Flame Award (1999)
Awarded by Full Circle, for extraordinary courage, conviction and dedication to life by Mr. I. K. Gujral (Former PM of India).
Awarded Red and White Bravery Silver Award 1999, for Social Act of Courage Presented by Mrs. Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister Delhi.
Honored by the Women Development and Environment Foundation in 2008.
Awarded The Silver Phoenix Award by IIPM, presented by Mr. Arindam Choudhury in 2009.
Awarded the National Women Excellence Award (Nav Kiran Award) by the Women's International Network in 2010.
Awarded the Dr. Batra's Positive Health Award by Dr. Batra's Positive Health Clinics Pvt. Ltd. Presented by Miss India Earth World in 2011.
Honored by Chandigarh Senior Citizen Association, awarded by Kumri Selja for working in the field of Empowerment of Challenged Children.
Awarded FLO Award 2011-2012 for outstanding achievement from FICCI Ladies Organization.
Honored by Sarthak Foundation for having counseled and mentored the founder to work in the field of disability in Dec 2012.
Freelance Journalist: Articles published in National dailies like Hindustan Times, Times of India, and Pioneer.
Featured on various national and international electronic and print media.
Was instrumental in taking the issue of opening a current account by blind people to the Human Rights Commission and having this order passed in the State Bank of India.
Participated in the first integrated Fashion Show in Chennai on 10th December 1997 along with celebrities like Ms. Aishwarya Rai, Ms. Usha Uthup etc. also participated in an integrated fashion show held in Delhi organized by Zee TV and NCPEDP along with celebrities like Mr. Rahul Dev etc. in the year 2003.
First blind person to have successfully done transcription of conference for RGF and NCPEDP.
Invited to speak at the inauguration of the first film festival on disability at AlNoor in Dubai.
Invited to speak to the staff and student of Amity Dubai.
Invited to address upcoming women entrepreneurs, to inspire them at the I-Inspire conference held in Delhi attended by 200 women in April 2013.
Invited to speak at the occasion of world disability day 2013 at an event in Hongkong organized by Community Business & Conducted Demystifying workshop for Barclays. Chaired/Moderated a session on Employment of PWDs in the corporate sector with panelist from Barclay Japan & Hongkong, Nomura, Microsoft Singapore.
Chosen by the Vodafone foundation as an extra ordinary woman and profiled on their Red Rickshaw Revolution campaigning web site.
Founder Director of Silver Linings, an organization which inspires, guides, motivates and helps under privileged women and disabled persons along with anyone else that may seek the same.
Consultant National Opportunities Alliance, an initiative of America India Foundation and The Wadvani Foundation.
Director/India Coordinator Combat Blindness Foundation, a funding agency based in the U.S.
Head Public Relations Dr. Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital Delhi.
NAB India has awarded Collaboration with the Silver Linings Foundation to setup a district centre at Dharampur Himachal.
Co founder Director of Silver Linings Synergies Pvt. Ltd. An Executive Search & Training company launched (Self-owned).
Corporate Trainer, Personal Development Teacher, Author, Counselor and Motivation speaker. Autobiography by the name of 'The Other Senses' published by Roli Books in 2012.