“It is only you, who undoubtedly possesses the power to focus upon the Silver Lining behind every cloud that may shadow your life ever”!
Preeti Monga
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Self-discipline: The first key to success

There is a magic wand right in front of you! Now, you can turn your dreams and desires into reality. The only mantras you have to remember are ‘hard work’ and ‘discipline’.

Discipline! Discipline! We have had enough! This sounds like our headmistress in school or daddy at home. Thank heaven we are out of school! What a wonderful feeling – we are at last masters of our own selves! No more timetables, no more P.T. classes! Yahoo… no more nagging from grown-ups, our time is our own to do exactly what we wish!

The moment we are out of school, most of us get so mesmerised with this newly-found freedom that we don’t even notice when the ‘take it easy’ attitude has engraved itself onto our lifestyle. Sleeping late into the mornings, eating at all odd hours, watching T.V. to our heart’s content, having unending conversations with friends are some of the ‘good’ things we indulge in without a worry in the world. No responsibilities, only festivities are in the air and we are all to engrossed in the sweet wave of pleasure, too wrapped up to gauge the hidden damage being done.


But, as time passes and once more we get into the higher education or the working scenario, we soon find ourselves rushing around trying to be punctual or hurrying to meet deadlines. Before we can become conscious of it, we are constantly into a fire-fighting mode. Result, end-of-the-day stress and chaos which eventually leads to ill health and mental or emotional fatigue.

Once the above symptoms are resolutely imprinted into our system, nothing seems to work out as planned. With soaring pressures both at work and home, coping becomes hard and cracks begin to appear. Relationships, performance and even relaxation start showing signs of deterioration. Time seems to become the scarcest commodity. You wish a day could have a few more hours to go. But believe me, even if you had 48 hours in your day, scarcity of time would still be around.

So what is it that is not going in the right direction? How then some people get so much done in a single day and yet have time for multiple activities and take time out to relax on top of that? And, these are usually successful people? Puzzling thoughts keep springing up like, “I am equally intelligent and hardworking. Why then is success playing hide and seek with me?” “I am working long hours in the office but the promotion letter goes else where.” “I try real hard to get life moving smoothly, but at the end of the day all I manage to achieve is exhaustion. Things just keep getting out of control; every thing seems to work against me.”

When you can’t figure out the answers to such deliberations, you put it down to sheer luck and fate. Your efforts slow down and you resolve to let circumstances govern you. The easy thing is to look for satisfaction in whatever is being dished out to you. You tend to bury your dreams and desires under a “be happy, don’t worry” attitude and thereafter secretly long for the magic wand to appear and fulfill your wishes!

What if I tell you that the magic wand is right there in front of you! What would you give to be able to grab this magic wand and wave it around and make all your dreams and desires become real!

If you can’t believe what you just read, here are some actions you can take right away. And, if you are honest with yourself, the benefits are bound to start to show very soon. Here is an exercise just for you to try out:

Sit down in a quiet place and list down on a paper all the things you expect yourself to do in a normal day.

Study the list and allot time in minutes or hours for each of the items on your list.
Calculate the time allotted and see if it fits into the 24-hour day. (The list must include sleeping time, meal times and recreation time too.) If the allotted times do not fit the 24-hour day, make adjustments in the list to the time column.

Then if you still exceed the 24-hour target, you should delete certain activities according to priorities from the list. Next take a fresh sheet of paper and fair out the corrected schedule.

Now you have a clear picture of your day. You will then wonder how in the first place did you get it all muddled up. If you put your creativity to work, you will see how easy it will be to fit in things you always wanted to do and could not find time for, into your newly manageable routine!

This little exercise will definitely give you a feeling that your life is now showing signs of coming into your control. You will feel enthusiasm building up and stress melting away. And when the spirit is lifting, opportunities seem to show up and result, success! Just a word of caution: there is absolutely no substitute for hard work!

So ultimately, the timetable and discipline after all was not that bad an idea! You know, buildings with sturdy foundations withstand many a hurricane. So dear friend, it’s time to say ‘thank you’ to the formidable headmistress and your strict father! They were grown-ups then and they did know their business!