“It is only you, who undoubtedly possesses the power to focus upon the Silver Lining behind every cloud that may shadow your life ever”!
Preeti Monga
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I am no hero, just a survivor. And as I have discovered the Silver Linings in the dark grey clouds of life, I would like to share the secret to well-being with everyone.

I wait here to introduce you to your own world of empowerment and success. It is all within you – allow yourself to look within, to reach out for your very own treasure of positivity.

Bouncing together to bounce back and bounce higher

1. The training was quite refreshing and full of energy - full credit to Preeti for making it so. I found her very articulate and there was never a dull moment with her. She also seemed very comfortable with herself - which made others feel comfortable. The sessions were prepared quite well and one thing automatically led to the other i.e. the flow was quite good. Every talk and session had a purpose - taught something.

2. Thank you for organizing this session. It was indeed inspiring and motivating. The exercises were conducted very well and lessons from simple exercises came out loud and clear. It was indeed a lesson that if Preeti, despite her disability can reach our conference room to train us then we can reach heights too with our right intent and self motivation. I think Preeti could have kept her life story short as it was a half day session. She could have focused on the art of overcoming depressions or using challenges to your advantages. Overall, it was a great session.

3. It was indeed inspiring - I even shared her story with my family, who were too inspired and we did the exercise of listing "have" and "have not" at home, and my wife and especially my son (you know he is 6) indeed realized how much we have. The workshop was a good break from the tight/sedentary day-to-day work schedule, especially coz, there were a number of fun activities. One of the lessons was to appreciate other with a smile, which I knew, but it was a good refresher of the memory. It was good fun being at the workshop because most of the lessons were based on the trainers personal and truly inspiring experiences. A small note that the workshop could easily have been completed before 1 pm and there was no need of the last exercise.

4. For me the training was full of inspiration & learning. Please convey my thanks & regards to Ms. Preeti for such a wonderful training.

5. The training was very motivating and inspiring.

6. The training was encouraging and inspiring. We should have more sessions on team building.

7. Totally agree it was very inspiring training and positive.

8. I have attended a few workshop and this by far was the best inspiring workshop. To realize after all the difficulties a person faces she does not give up and lifts herself up and walks the way that others said is impossible. I realized that you have to believe in yourself first that you will do it no matter what and then nothing is impossible. Fantastic workshop short and precise.

9. No doubt the workshop was very inspiring hats off to the courage of Preeti. It was longtime that we all WFP staff got together Additionally, I think it was also very effective in orientation of staff on sensitivities towards disability- which is required for each one of us.. but during course of growing up needed sharpening!

From colleagues
WFP - World Food Programme
I loved the session. For me Preeti proved to be an inspiration and a very strong woman who did not let the limited abilities affect her success. The session was simple yet very powerful in conveying that we have everything needed for achieving goals and all we need to do is wake up and realize this fact. Thank you so much! It was pleasure to meet Preeti, a personality, whom I will remember for lifetime.
Rita Kumari

It was already a positive vibes around when we entered the training room. One basic line I would like to remind myself and remember is "We cannot change the World unless we change the World inside us." The first step for change in ourselves for better we should take ownership of the situations and never to brood or blame it on anyone.
Janesha Dhillan

Learning and development are things which one can never put an end to. We as individual should always aim to be better than yesterday. This session reinstalled the belief of not taking anything for granted and believing in a beautiful tomorrow.
Devika Barman

It was inspiring to listen to Ms. Preeti Monga who has overcome severe challenges and is leading a busy and productive life.
Understood that everyone has negative or handicaps in life, but if we focus on our strengths and positives we will make rapid strides Understood that life is an individual journey that we need to take complete responsibility for; Blaming others is not going to facilitate our progress
With their being no slides and stress of completing them within allotted time, I found the session to be relaxing and motivational; For Preeti, "her life is her message". Wish you organize similar programs. Thanks a lot
Sai Venkatakrisnan

It was quite motivating to see Preeti's strength and zeal to fight for life. For a change this was more of a relaxing session where we spoke about life and not work.
Amanjit Kaur

This session was quite motivating. People like Preeti who have left foot marks are ideals for Indian Society. We should keep having such sessions.
Jhankar Sukhwani

Thanks for arranging such motivational training session. I did learn the fact that How can we utilize all five senses given by GOD and stay more focused. Life is wonderfl, we should enjoy life and shouldn't say sorry for any bad thing happened. Instead we should see what benefits/good things can be taken from all bad incidents or tough times. Keep struggling and Never Give Up!!!!
Deepak Madan

MTS India
Preeti Monga Offers Inspiration to Samsung Electronics India

New Years is often a time when people take stock of what they have and what they want to accomplish for the next year. As Ms. Monga shows, remaining positive is key to reaching goals. Samsung wishes you a Happy 2012, and encourages you to stay positive!

Samsung India
Thank you very much Preeti, for leaving us all inspired, ready-to-go and introspective.
Wish you glory and success in all your endeavors and aspirations. I am sure what you achieve will touch the lives of many people positively.
Some beliefs just make us change our perspective for life.
Thanks Preeti, for your belief.
Idea Cellular, Delhi
Congratulations Penny....most impressive! All the best
Daljit Singh
President-Strategy & Organizational Development
Fortis Healthcare Limited

I have always admired and valued Dr. Umang Mathurís decisions and intuition. This is probably one of the best decisions he has made for CBF-India. I cannot think of a more appropriate person with insight, compassion and determination to advance the mission of CBF.

Suresh R. Chandra, MD
Chairman - Combat Blindness Foundation
Professor - Dept of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
Director - Division of International Ophthalmology
You were the one who helped me come of the disability and think beyond it and strive to work and make an effort to improve the lives of many more people with disability and today you are also supporting the organisation to grow in many ways.

I have always been keen about having such motivational sessions for the candidates much more frequently and now I can visualise it happening now. Under your guidance we will make sure we have such programs for the candidates.
Dr. Jitender Aggarwal
Sarthak to empower people with disabilities
GRF Visit at Silver Linings, India

The best thing is that through her job she encourages companies to recruit people with disabilities, organises training and demystifying workshops to make companies more confident about recruiting people with disabilities, and provides support all the way through for the successful integration of disabled employees in the companies.

Global Rainbow Foundation