“It is only you, who undoubtedly possesses the power to focus upon the Silver Lining behind every cloud that may shadow your life ever”!
Preeti Monga
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Sharing some amazing success stories of Silver Linings below; to affirm the above statement:
Priyanka lost her eye-sight at the tender age of 2, to Meningitis! The darkness that was thereby inflicted upon her was beautifully lit up with a fantastic education and her first job with a small travel company! What a shame, that her employers could not step over their inhibition towards her visual impairment ... this became apparent, as she got no professional growth in all the 9 years she remained in the company; leading to frustration for her! Priyanka then sought the assistance of Silver Linings to help her move on and to grow in her career and life! Following a 3 month counseling and step by step guidance and motivation, Silver Linings was successful in getting Priyanka find her own job in one of the world's largest travel companies, called, Make My Trip, at a handsome pay packet and has been growing ever since!
Zeba, a 26-year old young woman lost her vision due to fever, resulting in her dropping out of her MBA. She had been in severe depression for two years, fuelled by feelings of rejection and total loss of self-confidence. At Silver Linings, following the first counseling session, Zeba snapped out of depression and took another five sessions; this was followed by a 2 month internship at the Silver Linings office, she happily launched herself back into life! Today Zeba works with US Tec Solutions as Account Manager, and is looking for a life partner. She is a regular at the gym and leads a full life with many a dream to pursue, and friends and family to live life with.
Efforts made by Silver Linings were exceptionally rewarded when Microsoft recruited Mr. Sriram as their first disabled employee. Sriram is again a person with visual impairment and is today successfully working with Microsoft in their Digital Marketing department.
Navpushp Verma, blind since childhood; a travel and tourism graduate, came to Silver Linings, to have us guide him, to take to fruition, his burning desire to succeed! Regular counseling sessions, motivation and encouragement got him to find himself a job with a small Travel company. Unfortunately, here, the negative attitude of the management and coworkers coupled with his own inhibition drove him away from his new found job. Once again, Navpushp connected back with Preeti, and her efforts resulted in Navpushp finally landing himself his dream job in a leading multinational travel company called LPTI.
Ramakrishna heard about Silver Linings employment programme in Bangalore and made the effort to connect with us here in Delhi. He had been working in a large infrastructure company, which he was forced to leave due to stagnation! We remained in regular touch and then came along a job in Delhi that fitted Rama's profile! Impressed by Preeti's work and personality, our client ACE Data Devices Pvt. Ltd. Hired Rama with a positive mindset as their business Development Manager!
Piyali came to Silver Linings along with her traumatized parents as she had lost her eye-sight in her early teenage; and they had absolutely no idea as to what her future is going to look like! Somehow, with great difficulty Piyali had completed her MBA, with the hope that once her qualifications were in place, she will find herself a job. But, that was not happening... and then they heard about the work of Silver Linings. They left our office with a spring in their step and rays of hope! We got her to learn to use 'JAWS', (a screen reading software used by visually impaired people to access the computer). Thereafter we are very proud to say that Piyali now works in a public sector bank as a probationary officer!
Priyanka from Rohatak came to us over a decade back accompanied by her worried parents for their daughter was going blind. There were no appropriate enabling facilities for visually impaired people in a town like Rohatak; therefore their daughter's future seemed completely doomed. Once again Silver Linings stepped in with trauma counseling, step by step guidance and constant motivation, resulting in her successfully completing her MBA! We also aggressively got her to take a course in computers online; and today she is preparing for taking the Civil Services exams! She cooks, dreams and socializes ... looks forward to a most happening life ahead!
Ritesh was born with Down syndrome 28 years ago. His mother did a great job with his upbringing by totally believing in the strengths of her disabled son. Her dedicated efforts and hard work had him dreaming of becoming employed and self- dependent. Gaeta Ritesh's mother was referred to Silver Linings by a friend and we in turn connected her with the HR Head of the Lemon Tree Hotels. Constant encouragement, persistence and guidance got Ritesh in to the hotel for a six month training followed by a full time job! "I never thought there was any hope for such children in India", says his relieved and delighted mother, "Ritesh is actually earning a proper salary"! Following the Lemon Tree's successful experience with Ritesh, they have hired 4 more children with similar disability!
36 year old Mena, a school teacher suddenly lost her eye-sight to glaucoma ... and also her job at her school because of her sight loss! Dejected and totally incapacitated, she walked into the Silver Linings office hanging heavily on her husband's arm. The magic of Preeti's expert counseling session saw a miraculously transformed Meena leaving the office! She nearly forgot to hold her husband's arm ... with a spring in her step ... she could not get back fast enough! "I am going back to school tomorrow morning and getting them to give me back my job," she exclaimed. "I am joining computer classes tomorrow afternoon and am going to do all the cooking and housework I used to do! If Preeti is managing all that she is doing: then so can I too! Will simply take me some practice and in return, I get back my freedom and my lost dignity"!
Dr. Jitender was referred to me for counseling as a fever had rendered him blind! His dental clinic had to shut down and he was left without work! "I am a dentist", he informed me sadly, "and now I can't practice! What should I do"? All it took was a 3 hour session and today, Dr. Jitender runs an organization which works in the area of employment of disabled people! His organization has already placed over 3000 disabled candidates in the corporate sector!
Gurdeep a shy and introvert young girl has been motivated and transformed into a confident and self-assured young lady and an expert Tarot card reader!
Antra came to Silver Linings looking for employment in our organization. Although we were, at that time hiring for HR recruitments, we were compelled to take her on! I say that as she was a post graduate in Bengali and did not, at that time have very good command over spoken English; however, her extraordinary enthusiasm just got us to have her on our team! She was a fast learner and we trained her in all that she was in need of. She worked with us for a little over a year; but there were dreams in her heart of becoming an entrepreneur! Silver Linings facilitated her journey by providing mentorship, exposure and encouragement to this aspiring lady! And today she is well on her way to a successful future for herself as well as artisans from far flung villages of the North East, who create the beautiful products those Antra now brings to urban dwellers! We are proud of her achievements and Silver Linings is all along partnering and supporting her with her new venture! We encourage and work with many other such wonderful women!
Mohit was a tiny 3 year old when he connected with Preeti. Traumatized parents were absolutely at bay as to what would become of him. Repeated home visits and step by step counseling and guidance has today resulted in Mohit working shoulder to shoulder with his father and sister in their family business! He looks after accounts and business development and his family and friends are more than proud of him! There was a time when the little blind boy was hidden away, when visitors arrived at their house...
Shakila was a subdued yet hardworking young woman who would quietly go about her work in the 'Out Reach' department of SCEH. Hearing about me and my story she shared her loneliness. She was beyond 30 and there was no news of her marriage due to various reasons. Following a number of intense counseling sessions, she motivated her family to get her married off. And, she is one of the few genuinely happily married women today! "You have changed my life madam", she tinkles with sweet laughter, "I would have died a lonely maid, if you had not motivated me to initiate and coax my family to get me married"!
There are countless such wonderful heartwarming stories to be shared! Let us together go on creating an empowered world!
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