Silver Linings Educates, Empowers, Motivates, Inspires all those who aspire to live a more meaningful, satisfying and a highly successful life.

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Silver Linings, a Not for profit organization, works towards inclusive education for blind children, hostel for blind girls, empowerment of blind girls/women, facilitating reduction of preventable blindness, inclusion of people with disability into mainstream, Gender and the citizen at large.

Preeti Monga, herself blind since childhood, Founder Trustee & CEO of Silver Linings, recipient of many prestigious awards including the National Award in 2013 from the President of India, has been singlehandedly working towards improving lives; directly/indirectly impacting millions through her unremitting and arduous efforts for the last 3 decades now!

Silver Linings was formally registered in June of 2006: and has been instrumental in improving lives of thousands of disabled and non disabled people, through its various innovative and effective projects!

our mission

To inspire complete Inclusion for all; along with Motivating every human being, to live life complete with health and happiness, to his/her maximum potential!

Our Vision

To Provide Quality and Inclusive Education, Trainings, Empowerment, Equal Opportunity to Visually Impaired Children and Women; to promote Employment, and Equal participation for all people with Disabilities!

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Our Social Initiatives are:

  • Providing quality and secure hostel facility for blind girls/women, along with giving them relevant trainings so they can become productive and dignified citizens of the mainstream society
  • To make all possible efforts to ensure that all our students and trainees achieve complete financial, personal and social self-dependence.
  • Preparing and integrating visually impaired children into mainstream schools for providing them with inclusive education.
  • Facilitating and promoting Cornea Retrieval, to help drastically reduce numbers of, curable and preventable Corneal Blindness.
  • Employment of people with disabilities in the private/corporate sector.
  • Creating and promoting an inclusive society for people belonging to diverse groups, as well as for persons with disabilities.
  • Facilitating and nurturing Visually Impaired Females, to amalgamate and thereafter flourish in the mainstream!
  • Providing Trauma Counseling for newly disabled persons