Training Services

Motivation can work wonders in phenomenally elevating levels of your productivity and performance, while enhancing the overall joy and quality of your life!However, like any other attribute , motivation too, requires constant rejuvenation and rekindling. For in today's modern day lifestyle, we are perpetually being exposed to endless negative influences and messages; which unknowingly yet efficiently douse our inner flame of motivation; easily drawing us into negative contemplation leading to almost total loss of enthusiasm!

This then usually , infuses the culture of playing the blame game, conjuring excuses, averting ownership and responsibility.

In case such a situation is cropping up at your work place, you may notice symptoms like, dwindling motivation levels, declining or stagnant productivity, rising attrition rates and various forms of internal and external customer dissatisfaction and conflict!

Slipping motivation not only negatively impacts your professional output, it most certainly has a detrimental effect upon your physical and emotional health and wellbeing; causing your relationships and many other aspects of life to take the brunt

The 'REENERGIZE & GIVE LIFE YOUR BEST SHOT' programme is especially designed to motivate you in the most unique way! It is known to leave upon its audiences, an extraordinarily powerful and interminable impact!

Here you learn the skill of mastering the art of translating pressures and intimidating circumstances into stepping stones to achieve stunning success every time; and that too with complete motivation! We together develop tools and strategies to motivate oneself and others, everyday and at any time; . Preeti shares with you her very own life experience and expertise, to handle challenging situations, and take corrective actions smoothly and effectively!

Why are these trainings super effective?

Preeti Monga has been conducting exceptionally valuable trainings and workshops, for over 2 decades now. Presently she is Director of Silver Linings, an organization which offers a host of services to corporations and the citizen at large. Preeti is the first visually impaired Aerobic instructor in the country and also is an outstanding motivational speaker, trainer and marketing professional.

Sales, fund raising, freelance writing and counseling are her other areas of expertise. Despite being visually impaired, she has always stood her ground and rooted herself in the mainstream with dedication and unrelenting perseverance as her key strengths.

Via the Silver Linings trainings and workshops, Preeti inspires and influences her audiences to abandon defeating beliefs and habits; to fearlessly embrace change with a positive and progressive attitude leading to interminable growth and success.

Apart from working with professionals, Preeti in addition trains and councils disabled and under privileged women.

Seminars and trainings conducted by her have a powerful and unique impact as Preeti has the ability of holding the undivided attention of the participants with her dynamic personality and leaves no room for excuses as her presence boldly communicates: "IF I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU!"

The 'Red and White Bravery' Award, the 'Rajeev Gandhi Manav Seva' Award and the IIPM 'Indomitable Spirit of Survival' award are some of the national awards that have been bestowed upon her.

  • We focus upon developing in the students, learning abilities like: independent life skills, daily living skills, personal hygiene, toilet hygiene, dressing, eating and functional mobility.
  • Sensory training, tactile stimulation and auditory stimulation that focuses upon touch, hearing, smell and taste are given special emphasis to strengthen the ability to perceive and understand objects and environment.
  • They are introduced to reading and writing in Braille.
  • They are also introduced to numbers and beginner-level mathematical calculation using Taylor Frame and abacus.

We not only train visually impaired children, but counsel their parents also to enable them to groom their child properly.
Our visually impaired hostellers are trained in cooking, complete home management skills and computers as well.
We provide them with vocational trainings in Recruitments, catering and cooking; and are in the process of setting-up of training in commercial Laundry.
The above vocational training units will ultimately be converted into business units, where some of the visually impaired girls along with sighted yet underprivileged girls will be given employment and these units will be able to make our organization completely self-sustainable!

In case you may like to refer any visually impaired female to Shiksha, please contact us.